To where you ask? A little left and south of Sane.

Rampaging Stitch

10 March
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I like watching eastern Eye movies, Japanese TV game shows are funny and thanks to my friend I get to watch a lot of them. I try to watch a wide range of anime, usually odd style stuff as the story lines in them are far better. Manga, well, anything goes. I think I scare a few of my friends as I like to read Yaoi stuff, but hey, just cause I'm a girl doesn't mean I cant read that sort of stuff.
The biggest thing about me, is I love to write. Fiction! Anything that springs to mind goes on paper. My room is a fire hazard, or a forest. I have the annoying/godsend knack for having to hand write everything first then I make a digital copy. I have so many pens.
If you have any interesting names, or job occupations, please list them for me as I some times don't have the right thing for my characters and I try to collect as many as I can when ever I can.